Ortzito Simulator available on: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/259632443/


– You must pass over (above) the buoy at a speed less than 3 knots, and then answer the question that automatically the buoy asks you. After that, you must enter into the Zone A or into the Zone B, to change the screen and complete the mission. http://www.onurbakiner.com/ replicas relojes

– Inside the Zone A or Zone B, you must pass over (above) all the buoys at a speed less than 3 knots and answer the questions. If you touch the fish in Zone A or the windmills in Zone B, you will be penalized.

– Once you pass over all the buoys in the Zone, you must return to the first screen (port) by returning for the same space you entered to the Zone. Once again in the first screen, you must touch the green line in the port at a speed less than 3 knots to finish the mission.

– If you touch the limits of screens (marked with dark blue lines) you will be penalized. реплики часов

– if you answer the questions correctly, your onboard battery will be recharged so you will be able to sail more time in zero emmissions mode.

– Below 60% of state of charge of the battery, the genset (engine) will start. The power demand will be shared equally between the genset and the battery. Below 30% of state of charge of the battery, the genset will assume all the power demand and will recharge the battery.

CONTROLS: Only keys

Key ‘1’: exit intro screen and goes to the port screen.
Key ‘b’: Start the game
key ‘e’: Interrupt and finish the actual game.
key ‘5’: Display the scores screen. replika rolex
key ‘0’: Exit scores screen and returns to the game.
key ‘x’: Exit scores screen and finish the game.
key ‘s’: Display the simulator variables screen.
key ‘space’: Returns to the game screen.
key ‘up arrow’: Increase propulsion speed.
key ‘down arrow’: Decrease propulsion speed.
key ‘right arrow’: clockwise rotation of the rudder.
key ‘left arrow’: anti-clockwise rotation of the rudder.

The sequence to start the game is:

– Press the key ‘1’
– Press the key ‘b’ часы реплика
– Press arrow keys to navigate with the ortzito ship: Up and Down to increase and decrease the propulsion speed, and right and left to operate the rudder.

– Enjoy.


– Each second of employee time will cost you 5 euros.

– Each second you are out of limits will cost you 100 euros.

– Each penalty will cost you 200 euros

– Each kWh of battery consumed will cost you 25 euros.

– Each Kg of fuel consumed will cost you 25 euros. replika óra

– Each Kg of CO2 emissions produced will cost you 150 euros.

– The total cost of the mission will be the sum of the previous costs. The lower the cost, the better the result.

– When you return to port after the mission and pass the green line, a screen will appear in which the partial and total scores will be shown.


– Created and developed by Juanjo Valera (Ingeteam)

– Simulator created as a part of the activities of the R&D project ORTZE-CV (www.ortze-cv.com), specially for disemination actions in schools related to the blue growth.

– The longitudinal and lateral dynamic equations programmed are based on the model proposed in:

‘POOR, CR. «Simulink Modeling of a Marine Autopilot for TSSE Ship Designs». Master’s Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School. Monterey, California, 1996’.

– The ortzito ship is propelled by an electric motor of 550 kW, and contains two different electric power sources (batteries and genset). A little bow thruster makes the maneouvering easier.

– The questions appearing in the buoys are related to the environment, natural sciences, geography, oceans and seas, green energies, and nautical and marine sciences.

– More information about the ORTZE-CV project, and the ‘ortzito simulator’ on the web: www.ortze-cv.com

Enjoy !

By Juanjo Valera