Strategic Project: 2017-2019

R+D in highly-efficient technologies and reduced emissions
on power systems in coastal vessels



Project leader. Power and control electronics R&D, systems integration, optimum energy management, renewable energies integration, automation and control, remote maintenance and operation.


Propeller driver R&D, direct drive electrical machine and double winding, silent technology, permanent magnet technologies, cooling system optimization.

skv group

Diesel generator set R&D, variable speed generation, advanced instrumentation and monitoring, emissions and efficiency optimization.


Vessel - port electrical connection R&D, analysis of regulations, electrical infrastructure in port, low- and medium-voltage connections.

lasa naval

Marine engineering R&D, stability studies and analysis, analysis of regulations, structural analysis.

foro marítimo-vasco

Project diffusion initiatives, company representation, dissemination initiatives, organisation of events.

azti tecnalia

R&D in systems for onboard energy auditing, operations and management model of the new ORTZE vessel, high-level requirements, scientific dissemination.

upv pie

Operations and management model of the new ORTZE vessel, scientific dissemination, high-level user requirements.


R&D in machines and internal combustion units, advanced monitoring, preventive maintenance and CMS techniques, dissemination and training initiatives.


R&D in control and power electronics, grid studies, distribution system protection mechanisms, electrical stability analysis, dissemination and training initiatives.

blas de lezo

High-level requirements, operations and management model of the new ORTZE vessel, operation profiles, basic design and engineering, dissemination and professional training initiatives, main crew/office of the ORTZE vessel.